At-Home Cardio Routines That Don’t Take Up Space

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Exercises are very important as they help you feel better about yourself both mentally and physically. However, sometimes it is hard to find time to get into the gym because of busy schedules. Fortunately to burn calories, you don’t really need to always go to a gym. There are many at-home cardio routines that don’t take up space which can help you burn calories easily. Therefore, exploring some of the many routines is a vital step in creating your personalized home calorie-burning workout. Here are some of the at-home cardio routines that you should try while at home.

Going up and down the stairs


If you live in a house that has upstairs or an apartment, you can go up and down the stairs at your own pace for few minutes. It is a great cardio workout to get your heart pumping and it does not take up space. It is even better than a treadmill because of the incline of the steps.

Dancing Around House


This is a fun way to get in a cardio workout. While cleaning or organizing your home, you can turn up your favorite music and start dancing around the house. It may not feel like an exercise but if done vigorous, dancing at home can burn a couple hundred calories an hour. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be professional dancing. Dance like nobody is watching.

Light Housework

Light housework is an exercise itself and it burns roughly 246 calories per hour. A good example is gardening your yard or even scrubbing the floor. Gardening can burn at least 330 calories per hour while scrubbing 440 calories in one hour as well.

Jumping rope


Another simple at-home cardio routine that doesn’t take up space is jumping rope. It may be challenging hence it requires good coordination and endurance. Regardless of the length of time you devote to this activity, you will get a total body workout that helps develop lean muscle tissue and burnt fat.

Shadow boxing

This is boxing in front of your own shadow where you are your own opponent. It is a great way to burn a good number of calories and it does not take up space. At the same time it is a great way to improve muscle tone and practice combat training if you have any. You can even shadow box in front of a mirror to make it more interesting.

Heel kicks

This involves bending both elbows to a 90 degree angle while standing on your right foot as you kick your left heel back toward your butt. It also should involve driving your right elbow backward and bring your left arm forward as you hop to your left foot and kick your right heel back to your butt. It is a great at-home cardio routine as it simple and easy to do.

Bottom line

Not sure of the best at-home cardio routines to do so you burn calories? Try out any of these six cardio routines and you will not be disappointed. They are really effective and the fact that they don’t take up space makes them a lot better than going to the gym.


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How To Transform A Home Living Space To A Workout Area

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Going to the gym everyday is just not a possibility for many people, whether it’s about taking care of the kids or managing the busy hours at the office. If you are stuck at home all day, it doesn’t mean you need to be stuck on the couch all day. If you cannot make it to the gym every day, make the gym of your own in the convenience of your home. So no matter what reason you are stuck at home for, these steps will help you transform your living space into a fitness area.

Select Gym Room

Selecting The Right Home Gym Space

You don’t always have to set aside an entire room which is devoted to fitness, and the extra space in the basement, the attic or even the garage can be just the space you need. It should be large enough to accommodate the fitness gear, along with a few more factors, such as:

  •  How is the flooring of the space? If the home living space where you wish to set up the gym has a carpet, it can be tough to get out the stains and will start to smell pungent when you keep sweating. So you can either buy an expensive vacuum and constantly keep the carpet clean, or just go with a space which has hard flooring.
  •  What about the height of the ceiling? You are going to perform various exercises in your home gym, and many of those exercises with include jumping. Unless you wish to end up at the hospital with a head injury, make sure that the ceiling is at least a foot higher when your arms are extended upwards.
  •  What about the ventilation? Performing vigorous exercises such as cardio on a hot day will make you feel uncomfortable, so good ventilation is significantly important. Whether it is for getting rid of the heat or the odor after a good fitness session, your home gym must be well ventilated.
  • Are you big into fitness supplements?  Make sure you have appropriate shelve space to store your pre and post workout supplement needs.  Consider the location of where you could put a mini fridge to accommodate protein and/or energy drinks.
  •  What about the sound? Exercising and groaning while you are at it, may not be something your children or your significant other wants to hear at night. So having your workout room too close to the kids bedroom or your bedroom may not be the best idea.

Home Gym Equipment

Selecting The Right Equipment

Once you are certain about where your home gym is going to be situated, it is time to look for the right equipment. If you wish to give your home workout space a professional touch, you can just hit the local fitness store and order a fitness station, which has multiple different types of gym equipments built in a single piece of equipment.

However, make sure that you have taken the measurements of the room before you order the equipment. Even if you want to start slow and build up your home gradually, cardio equipment such as an elliptical trainer should be one of the first equipments to be added to your home workout space. You can use adjustable dumbbells so that you don’t have to buy a separate set, just interchange the weights and you are ready to go.