What Foods To Eat For Constipation?

A large number of people across the world are suffering from constipation issue. It is a health condition in which patient faces difficulty in having bowel movements. The people themselves invite constipation issue because they consume low-fiber meals. The bowel movements can be quite hard and thus the waste doesn’t pass easily during this process. Excessive consumption of junk food and other unhealthy meals result in constipation.

According to Natural Laxative Foods by Health Essential, people must consume vegetables, beans, and whole grains to satisfy their body’s demands of the fiber. People should choose high-fiber diets and consume foods that can prevent constipation issue. So, here we are providing details on food that you must eat to avoid the constipation problem.

1. Beans

Beans are fairly beneficial for you if you are facing constipation problem. You consume above 10-gram quantity of fiber when you eat one cup beans. It is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers, which enhance food’s movement in the intestines. Doctors always suggest patients to eat both baked beans and black-eyed peas. At least, you can consume one cup beans every day and your body’s fiber demands will complete.

2. Sweet Potatoes

You don’t need to eat it raw. Eat sweet potatoes, medium baked and then eat it. Each sweet potato will provide at least 3.8-gram fiber in your body. That is really beneficial because food will move easily and it won’t get hardened. Do not peel out the skin because it is the main source of fiber in sweet potatoes. You can eat one sweet potato daily and it will prevent you from constipation.

3. Kiwi

Some health experts had shown a study report in Advances in Food and Nutrition Research that a medium size’s Kiwi contains at least 2.5-gram fiber. It is just one study that supports the consumption of Kiwi during constipation. There are many other study reports, which state that Kiwi preciously completes body’s fiber demands and also offer many other health nutrients for a healthy physique.

4. Popcorn

You may like to have snacks many times in a day. That’s really good, but don’t eat chips or other unhealthy snacks. Now you should start eating popcorns, which are also quite delicious. According to a research of doctors, 3 cup popcorn provides 3.5-gram fiber. Yes, add high-fiber meals in your lunch and dinner, but also choose popcorn to avoid constipation.

You can get many different flavors in popcorn and air-popped popcorn provides the highest quantity of fiber. So, always order air-popped popcorn in theaters, whenever you go for a movie with friends.

5. Whole Grain Bread

You should immediately quit eating wheat bread if you don’t want to face the constipation problem. Wheat bread offers a high quantity of calories and carbohydrates that increase obesity. The whole grain bread is quite beneficial for our health. The Even University of Finland in Helsinki has found that whole grain bread can offer up to 30 grams of fiber. You don’t need that large quantity of fiber, but you must eat a few slices of whole grain bread to avoid constipation.

Hopefully, with this article you will know what helps with constipation fast.

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